Waterbox CLEAR MINI 10 Lid

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Lid Styles

Kraken Reef lids are designed with your tank inhabitant's safety in mind while keeping your aquarium's stunning aesthetics. Our polycarbonate lid frame is proudly machined in the USA by Kraken Reef using a state of the art CNC from a single sheet of clear stock. Installed in the middle of the lid is 1/4" polyethylene clear plastic mesh which is secured by a serrated vinyl retainer spline.

If the PREMIUM FEED style is selected, it will include a feed opening/hole in the frame, and also includes a 3D printed cover made from reef safe 3D printed PETG plastic in black (additional colors available for purchase). For a limited time, our traditional clear polycarbonate premium feed cover may be selected.

The lid is secured in place on your aquarium by a machined lip around the perimeter of the lid, with the inner portion of the frame recessed below the top of the glass. The lid can easily be removed in seconds from the aquarium for maintenance or cleaning with no tools.

Cord slot cutouts are able to be placed either on a straight section of the lid or directly on a corner. The cord slot will protrude into the tank display area 8mm x 12mm.

Optional Add-ons (Available in US Only)

PREMIUM FEED COVER: Kraken Reef premim feed covers are designed for the premium feed style lid. A black version of the cover is included when you purchase the premium feed style lid. Additonal colors are available in reef safe 3D printed PETG plastic.

FEED CUP: Kraken Reef feed cup is a convenient and hassle-free way to feed. This cup fits inside the PREMIUM FEED feed hole and allows placement of frozen food to defrost while still keeping your inhabitants safe. Multiple colors available in reef safe 3D printed PETG plastic.

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Additional Information

All lids are made to order. Current production times are displayed at the top of page. Images are customer provided and may not be of the exact tank/lid model. If purchased with other items, it may be shipped separately via USPS First Class Mail or suitable substitute delivery method. Polycarbonate may have minor superficial scratches due to the machining process. Returns/refunds are not authorized.

If damage during shipping occurs, notify us immediately at info@krakenreef.com.

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