Our Mission

At Kraken Reef, our focus is on providing exceptional quality premium aquarium lids and accessories designed for your specific tank. We exclusively use clear polycarbonate plastic for our covers which is more robust than glass and less prone to warping than acrylic. Kraken Reef's mesh screen tops are designed to provide protection for your tank's inhabitants while maintaining a clean professional appearance. The customer order experience is a huge priority to us, we do everything within our power to ensure that our customers are the focus. Kraken Reef strives to maintain the best production lead times in the industry to ensure you receive your custom order efficiently and promptly. Kraken Reef's lids ship ready to install the minute you receive them to provide that factory OEM fit and finish unlike some of our competitor's DIY mesh cover kits. Clear aquarium covers are Kraken Reef's specialty, and our signature lids are trusted by thousands of aquarists of all skill levels.

We’ve got you covered!


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