Kraken Reef Feeder/Filter Cup v2

Color: Deep Black Opaque
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Product Information

FEED CUP: Kraken Reef feed cup is a convenient and hassle-free way to feed. This cup fits inside the PREMIUM FEED feed hole and allows placement of frozen food to defrost while still keeping your inhabitants safe. Multiple colors available in reef safe 3D printed PETG plastic. Note: The premium feed cover is not used when the feed cup is installed.

FILTER FLOSS CUP: Kraken Reef filter cups are exclusive to the Eshopps, HelloReef, Waterbox and Maxspect 2.75” filter sock compartment size. The 2.75” Filter Cup is a direct drop-in replacement for the stock filter socks and allows for inexpensive filter floss material to be used. You may also place other media such as carbon and bio-balls in the cup. 3D printed in reef safe PETG plastic. Note: green color in rendering is only to highlight item, not display color option.

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