Kraken Reef Leadership Team

Joshua L.

Manufacturing and Product Design Lead

Joshua, a 20-year retired Air Force veteran, is the esteemed founder and owner of Kraken Reef. Throughout his dedicated service, Joshua held various instructor, management, and leadership roles in the aerospace field, both stateside and overseas, completing five contingency deployments. His journey in the reefing community commenced in 2010 with the establishment of his first personal tank—an impressive 120-gallon mixed reef setup.

Driven by a vision to address the limited availability of retail options, Joshua embarked on developing custom LED lighting solutions to cater to the needs of local aquarists. This design-oriented mindset sparked his passion for creating innovative reef-related gear. In 2019, Joshua took his ingenuity a step further by designing his first aquarium lid, specifically tailored for his personal tank.

The fusion of Joshua's unwavering love for building and creating, coupled with his expertise in design and development, culminated in the birth of Kraken Reef. Today, it stands as a testament to his remarkable journey and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional products to the reefing community.

Heather L.

Assembly and Fulfillment Lead

Heather excels in her role as she oversees the lid assembly and packaging processes with unwavering attention to detail. Her commitment to perfection is evident as she takes immense pride in crafting aquarium lids of the highest quality.

Anthony B.

Additive Manufacturing Lead

Anthony, a 20-year retired Air Force veteran, is the proud owner of our esteemed exclusive 3D printing partner, Cardinal 3D. With extensive experience and expertise, Anthony joined forces with Kraken Reef shortly after its inception, solidifying a valuable partnership.