Lid Use
Installing your Kraken Reef polycarbonate lid is super easy and requires no tools. Some lids will come with 3D printed standoffs with will need to be installed onto the tank prior to lid installation. These standoffs will be mentioned in the product description of the lid if they are needed. If you requested cutouts for an EcoTech RMS light mount, you will need to either trim the tightening stud or use the included spacer ( Care should be used when handling the lid to ensure pressure is not applied to the polypropene mesh. The mesh is installed in the same fashion as a screen door for your home, and is not designed to hold weight on its own. Just like the screen door, you would not push of the screen to open the door, but the frame. If you have any pets that have potential to jump/climb onto your aquarium, we recommend that you use caution as the mesh may not hold the weight of your pet with the force applied.

Lid Cleaning

Periodic cleaning is recommended to prolong the service life of your Kraken Reef polycarbonate lid. To minimize the risk of damage, use only compatible household cleaners and correct cleaning procedures as outlined below. Kraken Reef is not responsible for any damage that may occur by utilizing the instructions outlined in this guide.

Polycarbonate mars easily with wiping action. The use of abrasive, gritty cleaners or hard cleaning implements (e.g., hard brushes, scrapers, squeegees) should be avoided to eliminate the possibility of scratching the coating.

Compatible Cleaners
The following cleaning agents are compatible with Kraken Reef polycarbonate lids when used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations:

»Top Job
»Palmolive Liquid®
»Windex® Ammonia free

General Cleaning Instructions
»Thoroughly pre-rinse with warm water to loosen and wash away surface residue, grit and grime.
»Using a soft microfiber cloth or moist non-abrasive sponge, gently wash with a mild diluted soap or detergent.
»Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm, clean water. To prevent water spots, thoroughly dry the glazing with a dry soft cloth.

Important Reminders
»Do not clean your Kraken Reef polycarbonate lid with any cleaners other than those on the approved, compatible list included in this guide, or those tested and found compatible.
»Do not use abrasive cleaners.
»Do not use high alkaline cleaners (high pH or ammoniated).
»Do not leave cleaners sitting on Kraken Reef polycarbonate lids for periods of time; rinse off immediately.
»Do not apply cleaners under direct sunlight or at elevated  temperatures.
»Do not use scrapers, squeegees, razors or other sharp  nstruments as they may permanently scratch your Kraken Reef polycarbonate lid.
»Do not dry rub or dry clean your Kraken Reef polycarbonate lid, as sand and dust particles clinging to the exterior of the glazing may scratch its surface. An Anti-Static Canned-Air Ionizer can reduce electro static charge buildup on your Kraken Reef polycarbonate lid, and aids in reducing dirt and dust buildup that can hinder cleaning.

Removing Scratches
Deep scratches and gouges made by sharp objects such as keys, screwdrivers, and knives cannot be repaired. Fine scratches may be reduced in severity or cosmetically hidden by using a buffing compound such as NOVUS® 2 Plastic Fine Scratch Remover, followed by a cleaning and polishing agent like NOVUS® 1.