Kraken Reef Evaporation Cover (Only compatible with Kraken Reef lids)

Size: Small 0-10 Gallons (1 Piece Kraken Reef Lid)
Sale price$59

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Kraken Reef evaporation covers allow you to have that convertible top option. This removable solid polycarbonate piece is designed to help reduce water evaporation in your aquarium. The cover is secured in place on your lid by a machined lip around the perimeter of the cover, with the inner portion of the cover being recessed below the top of the lid. 

Note: Condensation may build up on bottom of cover, and reduction of light output into the aquarium (PAR) may occur. Also, weight of the cover may cause deflection in the lid when installed.

Only compatible with Kraken Reef lids, lid not included. Not available for tanks larger than 24" with single piece lid and 48" x 24" with two piece lid.

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