RMS Mount Spacer

Color: Deep Black Opaque
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Kraken Reef's RMS Mount Spacer was designed to prevent the EcoTech RMS mount's adjust screw from protruding beyond the light mount base. 3D printed with reef safe PETG plastic. *Mount not included*


EcoTech RMS Mount

Remove rimmed spacer from RMS mount

Remove RMS mount adjuster screw

Match Kraken Reef RMS Mount Spacer ball/cup end towards RMS mount knob end
Note: RMS Mount Spacer text will be oriented with bottom of text towards the knob

Slide/thread Kraken Reef RMS Mount Spacer over RMS mount adjuster screw

Reinstall RMS mount adjuster screw

Tighten RMS mount adjuster screw until mounting space is slightly larger than glass thickness

Install on glass and tighten RMS mount adjusting screw

Comparison photo provided without Kraken Reef RMS Mount Spacer
Note: Adjuster screw protrudes beyond the RMS mount and may interfere with lid installation

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